YouTube copyright Claim by Believe Music song 0604

I used a music track that I downloaded from an account on SoundCloud that was giving away their music royalty free for one of my videos. Unfortunately, a few hours after posting the video on YouTube, I received a copyright claim via YouTube from “Believe Music”, which claimed that I was using their song “0604” on the video and requesting to split any ad revenue with them (The video was not monetized).

I submitted a dispute via YouTube, and 30 days later received a notice from YouTube stating that:
“Good news! Your dispute wasn’t reviewed within 30 days, so the copyright claim on your YouTube video has now been released. ”

The fact that the song was only numbered (0604) and not named in the claim, plus the fact that they never reviewed the dispute leads me to believe that Believe Music may just be trolling for revenue sharing with generic music that they are bulk submitting to YouTube.

I hope that YouTube keeps an eye on the percentage of claims that are disputed and keeps the music companies using their copyright ID system in line.

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