Renogy Solar 2000 Watt pure sine inverter: Setup & First Impressions

I purchased a 2,000 Watt Renogy 12v DC to 110 volt AC pure sine wave power inverter.

This video shows the unboxing, connection to a liIon battery pack using a pre-charge resistor to prevent high inrush current and testing it with various appliances.

It works correctly off of my 16v Nissan Leaf battery pack, but gives annoying high voltage beeps anytime the voltage goes above 16 volts. It was easily able to run a full size microwave at 1600+ watts, and start up a 700 watt vacuum motor, so I’m sure it will be able to run any single standard 110 volt appliance you can plug into a normal NEMA 5-15 outlet.

Two small gripes
First, the DC power input tabs were “threaded” instead of having a straight hole slightly larger than the screw in them, so you have to make sure you have tightened the nut on the back separately from the screw on the front. (I’m not sure if that was a deliberate design choice, or if perhaps the holes on their tabs were just slightly too small, and the screw self taped the tab when they were installed at the factory.) I’m considering drilling out the holes just slightly so the screw and nut are the only ones providing compression force.

Second: The internal capacitors take a LONG time to drop in voltage after the inverter is disconnected from a battery. So long that I don’t even know if they have an internal bleed off resistor as part of their circuit. I decided to bleed it off with an external resistor when I was done.

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