New Years Resolution: Mysterio Costume!

Silvery glass sphere on the top of a christmas tree

One of my new year’s resolutions is to build a high quality Mysterio costume. In my opinion, the hardest part of a Mysterio costume is the silver sphere that serves as Mysterio’s helmet. Others have used a glass bowl, or tinfoil, but I was not happy with their results, and decided that I wouldn’t commit to making the costume unless I could get the sphere just right.

It’s amazing what you can buy for $48 on eBay! The image to the left is showing off my Mysterio sphere (44″ circumference, 14″ diameter) on top of a Christmas tree. The sphere is even mirrored inside, perfect for Mysterio’s helmet! It was originally an outdoor lawn ornament (reflecting ball) sold by Pottery Barn.

The only problem is that the hole in the bottom of the sphere is only about 1.5″, too small for my head! My options are clear: 1) Make a “headless horseman” type costume, where my head is actually under the costume’s “head”. 2) Find a way to cut the 1/3″ thick glass sphere! I’m trying really hard to get option two (cut the sphere!) working, as I want the costume to be in proper proportions, and besides, having my head inside of a mirrored glass sphere will be cool! (Visibility may be a problem, imagine wearing mirrored sunglasses at night.)

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