Mysterio sphere, cape & bracers

Jay wearing the cape, sphere, and bracers
Here is a picture of the sphere, cape, and bracers put together. Obviously, I need to work on the green jumpsuit, gloves, and boots.
After a bit more work on the sphere, I am now able to see out of it relatively well. I used a standard green & yellow dish scrubbing sponge to buff/scratch away some of the reflective coating from the inside directly in front of my face when wearing it. I don’t have a lot of peripheral vision, and the view is slightly dimmed, but it’s much better than before. If you look very closely from the outside you can see that the “viewport” portion of the glass sphere is slightly less reflective than other areas, but because it’s dark inside the sphere I get the same effect as a one-way mirror. I have covered all of the rest of the interior of the sphere with packing tape as a poor-mans tempered glass substitute, but I will still be very careful walking or navigating steps while wearing the costume.

8 thoughts on “Mysterio sphere, cape & bracers

  1. Kim:
    So far I’ve only worn it for a few minutes at a time, but it does have a relatively large neck hole. (My head has to go into it first, and my head is big!) I do plan on putting a small fan to blow air into the sphere, but more from a cooling need than a breathing perspective.

  2. Jay,
    Looks beautiful – but I’m wondering why you went with the weight, difficulty and inherent dangers of glass?

    Halloween stores sell Plexiglas (plastic) domes: for fortune teller’s crystal balls ($20). Add some Mirror Chrome paint and I’m guessing this will give you a similar result and be lighter, easier to cut and safer.

    Just a suggestion — what you have looks great, but nothing can disrupt a Con faster than a decapitation.

    Be safe whatever you plan.
    – Mike

  3. Mike:
    Great suggestion! The only reason I didn’t buy that was because I didn’t know about it, but now that I do, I’m going to buy one and try it out!

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