Mysterio Costume Update

Front view of costume with plastic sphere
Front view of the costume with glass globe
I have been working on the cloth portions of my costume, as well as purchasing an alternate (plastic) globe from a reader comment. Above are two photos of the jumpsuit, boot covers, bracers, gloves, cape, and sphere (glass and plastic) being worn together. The first picture is the plastic globe (harder to see out of, safer, more gray than silver) and the second picture is the glass sphere (very reflective, easier to see out of, made of glass).

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  1. Hey

    Great costume, I have commented once before on your costume, and I am glad to see you have worked on it as far as you have. I have a question for you however. Were did you find the plastic version of the globe? Again Awesome Costume!


    • The glass globe was from Pottery Barn, the cloth was from various fabric stores, and I bought the cowboy collar (to hold the glass globe) online from a sports supply house. The bracers I made myself out of craft plywood and sculpty.

  2. Was it a plain glass globe that you painted? What kind of paint, and how is visibility through it? I’m running into the same problem with my Mysterio costume, the plastic globes I tried came out looking grey and lame.

  3. The plastic sphere/globe started out clear, and I painted it gray, and visibility was/is horrible through it. (I scratched off some of the paint to sort of partially be able to view out of it, it works outside in sunlight best.)

    The glass sphere came with a “mirror” finish (e.g. black paint on the inside) and I scrubbed it with a scrubbing sponge (the yellow and green type that will scratch non-stock pans, not the no-scratch blue ones!) until I could see out of the mirror finish. Visibility through the glass one is reasonable (but not great) and if you shine a light or flashbulb on it you can see my face….but as my face is inside in the dark most of the time the mirrored surface looks great!

    BTW- Do you have any links to your costume build process?

  4. I wish I kept better records of my costume attempts. Right now I’m making the bracers and eye emblems from clay which I then make a mold of. I’ll slush cast them in plastic afterwards. The clothing I might have a friend (who is better than I with sewing) do. I’ve made 2 globes with acrylic lamp spheres and chrome or mirror spray paint. I can send you pics if you want, but the plastic causes the paint to become grey and dull instead of shiny. The closest I’ve come to your glass globe is spraying chrome paint on the outside, but it leaves lines that don’t look great close up. It just can’t hold a candle to the highly reflective surface of the glass. Visibility is just OK inside.

  5. Jay, great costume and thanks for the posts. One of my biggest concerns about this is heat/ breathe ability inside the globe. Did you cut air holes or leave a gap at the bottom? I’m interested in how you handled this.

    • Hi Martin,

      Both the glass and plastic spheres have a gap at the bottom to let air in, so asphyxiation isn’t an issue. However, heat and condensation collection inside the globe is definitely an issue, especially outdoors.

      I plan on adding a small CPU style fan to blow air up (the back of my neck) into the globe, so that the air escapes out the bottom front (past my chin), which will hopefully reduce the heat buildup and drive condensation from my breath down and out of the globe. (I also want to put individually addressable RGB LED’s inside the globe so that I can make it flash, since I’ll be routing power for the fan anyways.) [However, currently the costume is in storage, so these are long term back burner plans….I also need to re-sew a new/better jumpsuit out of a slightly darker green fabric and hopefully add black ridges with fabric paint, so lots of things to improve, but very little free time…]


  6. Wow, your costume is amazing. I really like the style of your jumpsuit, I would like that style for a costume I’m working on. Can you help me with some tips or preferably what pattern you used?

    • Funny…the jumpsuit was my last favorite part of the costume, and what I want to re-do first… I went to a sewing shop and paid $5 for a pattern (I forget the name of the pattern, sorry…). I recommend you go to a sewing shop and ask for assistance finding a jumpsuit pattern, they really do have patterns for just about everything…

  7. Ya…i checked, I could only find patterns with a zipper in front…
    If you can find it or run across one that style, please let me know…thanks for the quick reply

    • I put the zipper up the back…but I think the pattern had it up the front. You basically just have to reverse the front and back for that inner (zipper) part of the body, while keeping the “outer parts” the same…

  8. So, I’m curious as to how you got your gauntlets to stay in place? I’m doing a costume with a mounted weapon, and I’m having trouble steadying it.

    • The gauntlets are just normal gloves. The Bracers (on the wrists) are made of lightweight (1/8″) craft plywood, and they would just friction fit over my jumpsuit arms and gauntlets. I imagine with a heavier forearm mounted weapon you would need straps around the forearm.

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