Bubble Display Overview Video

I spent a lot of time last summer and fall building this 62″ wide bubble display. So much time that I didn’t get a chance to edit together and post an “overview” video showing the whole thing in action. Well, here is that video. If you are looking for more build details just read all my posts tagged with “Bubbledisplay”. If you just want to sit back and watch the whole thing come together via videos, start watching my “BubbleDisplay” channel on YouTube At the beginning.

8 thoughts on “Bubble Display Overview Video

  1. Hello,

    I think you should inject the same amount of water that moved by a bubble in the tubes where you do not send a bubble to kept the alignment of your bubbles, if possible :p


  2. ron: The power to each of the 60 air pumps is controlled via a cascade of serial shift register. You can read about the circuit here: https://www.summet.com/blog/2012/08/05/serial-shift-register-mosfet-driver-version-1-1/

    You can watch a video of the “insides” of the system here:

    In general, you can read all posts about this topic by using the “BubbleDisplay” tag:

  3. Jay, the project is excellent! For me the only problem is the source code for arduino… How do you interact with bubbles? via arduino or some GUI… Can you share the code? Thanks

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