Bubble Display Jr – Designs

As part of building the bubbleDisplay I made a lot of prototype tubes, nozzles, and even a small prototype display before actually committing to building the final product. This left a lot of random bubble display type parts laying around my garage. I hate throwing things out, and I wanted to have a bubble display of my own, so I’ve started to design a BubbleDisplay Jr that I can make out of leftover parts. Because I’m limited to stock on hand, I couldn’t make all of the tubes the same length (unless I wanted them all to be 9″ tall….) so I went with a Superman Memory Crystal style sculpture:


Of course, since I have a 3D printer now, I decided that printing the bracket to hold the air hoses and LED’s would be the way to go:


There….now you can’t say I don’t plan out my projects before starting them.

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