NES Classic 500 in one game console controller pinout

I had to repair the cable on one of those “500 in one classic game consoles” that look like a mini Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but don’t actually say the “Nintendo” trademark on them anywhere.
An example can be found on Amazon here:

The order of the wires inside the controller on the PCB (NES01-JOYV1.1) is (from left to right): orange, yellow, blue, brown, white

The pinout for the wire colors at the end of the cable is as follows:

2 thoughts on “NES Classic 500 in one game console controller pinout

  1. How did you get into the plastic end that plugs into the system? I have one of these controllers that isn’t working and the 5 wires appear to still have a good connection to the “motherboard”, but I’m thinking one of the wires either is broken or not connected inside the plastic piece that connects to the system.


    • I never opened up the plug/connector end, just put a needle inside to detect which wire went to which plug. The easy solution is to buy a set of replacement controllers, they are not that expensive online.

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