DragonCon 2010 Mysterio Pictures

In the Parade, I was wearing the plastic “safety” globe. Visibility out of it was about 2%. I basically followed a succession of brightly colored costumes (Storm’s white hair, wonder woman’s bright red cape, Zoo Hercules’ gold reflective bandoleer, etc).
Mysterio in DragonCon2010 parade

mysterio in DragonCon 2010 parade

Photo by Kirk Damato.

Mysterio in DragonCon 2010 parade - photo by Amber Croxall

Photo by Amber Croxall

The photos below show the glass sphere which I wore in more static settings indoors and for photo-shoots. Thanks to Chris, Becky and the photographers named in the captions for sending me photos from Saturday and Sunday!

Pictures outside the Hilton:

Mysterio outside the hotel

Photo outside by Tim Trepagnier

Mysterio costume with vulture and other Marvel comics characters

Mysterio (far right) standing with the Vulture and many other Marvel comics characters. photo by Dustin Fisher.

Pictures inside the Marriott:
Mysterio at Dragoncon2010 photo by Greg Foster
Photo by Greg Foster.

Mysterio at DragonCon 2010 with Spider-Man Mysterio at DragonCon 2010 with Super Grover

Mysterio indoors photo.

Photo by Green Elfie.

Most photographers would take a snap or two and move on. Professional photographers would take a few pictures, and then start trying to take pictures without their flash appearing in the reflection (bouncing off of the ceiling, holding flash behind screens, separating from their camera by long wires, etc). Then give up on that, and just shoot photos of other people’s costumes as seen reflected in the globe. Women would also use the reflection to check their hair and makeup. [One in-character zombie was scared away by their own reflection.]

Images of photographer and other costume wearers in Mysterio's Globe

Photo by Christopher Stadler

Death from the high cost of living in mysterio dome.

Photo by Christopher Stadler

3 thoughts on “DragonCon 2010 Mysterio Pictures

  1. hey! nice costume. i was hoping to do a mysterio costume for comicon to and i was wondering…. where did u find a globe 4 your head!!!!?????

  2. Kibbles,
    I bought the silver (glass) one at Pottery Barn (see this post:

    But you have to cut a hole out and reinforce it yourself:



    I bought the plastic one at spirithalloween.com, a Halloween superstore, as part of an “Animated Fortune Teller” crystal ball decoration : http://www.spirithalloween.com/product/animated-fortune-teller-crystal-ball-decoration/#

    (But they are currently sold out.)


  3. That’s.. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Mysterio has always been one of my favorite characters in just about anything. And on many occasions I’ve thought about a Mysterio costume and about making it, but then I always get to the helmet and, well, pretty much just give up there. When it comes to solid masks, I simply don’t have the tools nor any clue of how to execute it. So mostly, I’m still in a primitive stage, limited to cloth and cardboard.

    What you’ve done here is simply amazing, and I salute you. Very well done.

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