XLH-3800 Barcode Scanner: Linux Compatible

The XLH-3800 laser barcode scanner is powered by a USB port and pretends to be a keyboard. (It “types” the codes of barcodes when you scan them.)

I am happy to report that this (generic) laser barcode scanner works out-of-the-box with Linux (Tested on Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04), and does not require any module configuration like the ACAN FG-8100 barcode scanner.

The XLH-3800 is a true laser barcode scanner, meaning that it throws a rapidly scanning laser dot (100 times per second) out into the world, giving the appearance of a laser line. This increases the read range when compared to a CCD scanner, and gives a visual indicator of where to point the device.

Tuning an ext3 filesystem for storing large media files

I added a new hard disk to my MythTV box, specifically for storing movies copied from my DVD collection. Because this disk will be used for storing mostly files that will be in the 1-4GB size range, and because it is NOT going to be used as the root (/) drive of this computer, I set the sparse_super and largefile4 settings, plus reserved zero space for the superuser (-m 0) with the following command:

mkfs -t ext3 -m 0 -O sparse_super -T largefile4 /dev/sdb1