MythBuntu doesn’t support AutoIP

MythBuntu (and Ubuntu I assume) don’t support the AutoIP standard.
(Auto IP is basically a way for devices to form ad-hoc networks…if you don’t have a static IP, and are not assigned a dynamic IP via a dhcp server, you try out a random address in the 169.254.x.x network ( netmask) and as long as ARP doesn’t report a conflict, you now have your IP!)

Windows, and the HDHomeRun devices support this, but MythBuntu 9.10 does not. So, I’m back to using firestarter to easily configure my MythBuntu box to assign the HDHomeRun an IP address via DHCP.

Discovery Error 4001 : Silicon Dust HDHomeRun error

SiliconDust HDHomeRun Discovery error 4001I was in the process of changing out my MythTV backend machine, and when configuring the new machine, I took a look on SiliconDust’s website for a firmware update for my HDHomeRun (HDTV Network tuner box). I hadn’t updated it since late 2008, and sure enough, they were five or six firmware versions farther along. (Up to 20091024 to be specific.) So I upgraded the box using the newest version of the hdhomerun command line utility under linux. Everything went fine until the HDHomeRun rebooted. After that point, the utility said that an error occurred discovering the HDHomeRun! I tried booting into windows to try out the windows software, but it also could not discover the device, and gave me this ominous message:

Discovery Error 4001: Please email
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